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We show Adidas’ true stripes with an eye-catching new take on team spaces

Driven by a constant focus on innovation, Adidas has made creative thinking the foundation of its commercial strategy and company culture. The iconic sports brand empowers customers and team members to produce their best performances, pushing the envelope in sports, fashion and urban culture. For its HQ in Amsterdam, Adidas set out to inspire visitors with a brand new interior experience that affirms its cultural significance.

To create is to experiment – exploring the unknown, pushing boundaries, and – sometimes – failing in order to progress. Together with the interior architects of Hollandse Nieuwe, we were challenged to come up with a tantalizing visual language for the restaurant, gym, outdoor sports facilities, meeting centre, offices and entrance lobby of the Adidas HQ. Throughout the process, we were keen to match the interior branding to the interior design, using colour, graphics and tone of voice in perfect harmony.

The new Amsterdam HQ interior embodies the three Cs of the Adidas brand: creativity, confidence and collaboration. The interior is bold and eye-catching, with vibrant sports and social hub areas and stylish meeting rooms and work spaces, ensuring both clear navigation and an engaging experience for employees and visitors alike.


Adidas, Hollandse Nieuwe interior Design




  • Art direction
  • Concept development
  • Design strategy
  • Interior graphics

Interior photography

  • Ewout Huibers

Bold and eye-catching, the interior ensures an engaging experience for team members and visitors alike

Nick Dijsselbloem, Designer George&Harrison

Animate to create

In order to come up with the most compelling design strategy, we used animation to stretch our visual research in novel and interesting ways.

Stripe power

The striking simplicity of the black walls and ceiling sets off the linear lighting in the entrance lobby, referencing Adidas’ three stripes and making a strong brand statement.

Adidas describes its strategy as ‘own the game’. With areas devoted to playing sport and channeling popular culture, the interior branding does exactly that

Sports court

The sports court is a deeply symbolic space at the very heart of the building. Team members can gather here during a break for a game of basketball or football. Meanwhile they can never forget that sport, of course, is the heart of everything Adidas does.

The sports court extends into the interior.


The booths unite material, form and colour to harmonious effect, creating a range of micro-environments for lively meetings and concentrated yet relaxed work sessions.


Like the sports court, the restaurant forms a social hub. Team members can get together over a healthy lunch or grab a quick coffee here. Luscious green plants form a lively contrast with the bold typography and splashes of colour on the walls.

From the energetically active heart of the sports court to the restful ambience of the booths, the office offers a wide range of moods designed to further the brand’s three Cs: creativity, confidence and collaboration

Martijn Maas, Creative Director George&Harrison

Diverse spaces

The new Adidas HQ Amsterdam provides both creativity-inspiring vibrant social spaces and calm, contained workspaces.