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De Caai

A versatile identity for a historic site turned iconic destination

De Caai, occupying the former site of the Campina dairy factory, is a vibrant new urban district in the heart of Eindhoven. It was inspired by the goal of creating an everyday city life that’s healthy for people, society and the planet. We were asked to create a compelling visual identity to tell the area’s new story, while also paying tribute to its history.

Starting with the iconic dot in Campina’s old logo, we developed a versatile and modular brand system supported by a robust and colourful visual language, in which organic transformation functions as the leading principle of the brand. We used motion and creative coding as tools to emphasize the research-driven nature of the area. The resulting brand identity is used in all the brand assets, as well as on-site, breathing much-needed new life into a remarkable district.

Distinctive and ambitious, the brand identity positions De Caai as a living lab: a place where transformation finds a fertile breeding ground. The message is that new ideas can arise and develop organically here, through collaboration and the meeting of inspired minds in a vibrant and inclusive urban residential district.


BPD | Bouwfonds Gebiedsontwikkeling




  • Art direction
  • Brand design
  • Brand strategy
  • Digital design
De Campina dates back to 1916, when the farmers of the Strijp district in Eindhoven founded the Cooperative Milking Facility. In 1961, the Campina factory was officially opened – a state-of-the-art venture at the time.
The original Campina logo (1964-1974) inspired the De Caai logo.
The colour palette unites shades of green with urban monochromes, reflecting De Caai's focus on health and environmental themes.
Prominent typography is used to balance detailed compositions.
All the elements add up to a harmonious whole.

Organic transformation functions as the leading principle of the brand

Maarten Stal, Strategy Director George&Harrison
The grid system of De Caai’s visual identity allows for a dynamic range of variations, delivering impact and recognizability.

Breathing new life into a long forgotten city district.

The Campina factory was an impressive dairy farm in its heyday. For people from Eindhoven the industrial site was engraved in the collective memory for decades. Since the factory has been out of operation the last 20+ years, this memory started to fade and the area started to decay.

With 5 residential towers, various apartments, town houses and care homes, Eindhoven sets out for De Caai to regain new momentum while also paying homage to its rich history.

Social media animations show the full range of the visual identity: the versatile grid system results in compositions where video, photography, typography and particle simulations can move freely.
Animated icons are integrated in the digital language of De Caai's new visual identity.

By basing De Caai’s identity on the classic Campina logo and its distinctive dot, we connect the area with history, even while we showcase its futuristic new aspirations

The social media templates for De Caai come to life thanks to creative coding. We incorporated particle simulations using Boids principles, emphasizing the ecological and dynamic character of the area.

Green is the key colour in the branding, signaling De Caai’s ambitions in sustainability and wellbeing