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We weave some movie magic for an award-winning film production company

DPPLR is an Amsterdam-based film production company that creates award-winning shorts, commercials and films. The company centres around eight uniquely talented directors, each of whom has their own directorial approach and style – and all requiring a fittingly filmic showcase.

Partnering with the DPPLR team, we created a clear-cut brand and website that establishes DPPLR as a top-of-the-line creative production house. With a dramatic yet understated look, our identity’s attention to detail in typography, composition and interaction make all the difference. Defined by a striking word mark – an enigmatic collection of consonants and no vowels – the branding is designed to let the high-end visual content take centre stage. Sharp monochrome frames in black or white focus the attention of the footage and fully immerse the audience in DPPLR’s spellbinding world of filmmaking.

DPPLR’s new showcase firmly strengthens their profile as a diverse group of directors all at the top of their game. The distinctive visual styles together form an exciting whole attracting new directors and clients to their impressive body of work.






  • Art direction
  • Brand design
  • Digital design

Images and film


Defined by a striking word mark—an enigmatic collection of consonants and no vowels—the branding is designed to let the high-end visual content take centre stage

Creating a custom video player is, however subtle, paramount to the cinematic experience of the website.

A brand design that suggests the spellbinding power of the silver screen

Our dramatic yet understated brand amplifies our position as a leading film company showcasing a diverse range of directors all at the top of their game

Daniel Dow, Co-Founder DPPLR


Each director has their own overview page where their projects are showcased in a clear-cut composition.

The mobile experience cuts all noise, underscoring the captivating imagery that does all the work.


Next to its commercial work, DPPLR creates award-winning shorts, features and interactive films. The website background changes from white to black here to underline the cinematic character.