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The interplay of light as the language of innovation

Integrated photonics is the revolutionary technology that uses the properties of light to create smaller, faster and more energy efficient chips. These PICs (Photonics Integrated Circuits) can be applied in remarkable ways to a wide range of markets, such as data & telecom, food, healthcare and (automotive) engineering.

PhotonDelta acts as the ecosystem for the photonics industry in the Netherlands—aiming to revolutionize semiconductor technology and transforming the Netherlands into the world leader of this groundbreaking innovation. We were asked to create the brand identity that fuels the ambition of this mission.

By tapping into the dynamic interplay of light, we created the new brand identity that stands out in the evolving technology landscape. It is meticulous and robust when it needs to be, and outspoken and inspiring when it can be. The brand is based on a powerful symbol that refers to the refraction of light. This symbol forms the basis of an adventurous visual language, which sometimes subtle, sometimes pronounced and colorful gives the brand its shine. This gives PhotonDelta a solid arsenal to engage with its audience and expand their ecosystem in meaningful new ways.

The confident PhotonDelta brand identity represents the exciting promise of the integrated photonics industry in the Netherlands: a world of boundless possibilities. It builds on its position as a leading global ecosystem in its field and attracts new collaboration partners, investors and key markets. In the coming years, the organization will fulfill its sole purpose: to become the driving force to transform the Netherlands into global leadership in the next generation of semiconductors.






  • Brand design
  • Digital design
  • Exhibition design
  • Interior graphics

Refraction of light

The brand symbol magnifies one of the core principals within the photonics technology: refraction of light.

By securing the €1.1 billion growth fund, we are able to take significant steps to transform the Netherlands into the leader of next generation semiconductors. Our undeniably confident brand identity provides a fantastic boost to achieve this

Jorn Smeets, CMO PhotonDelta

The new brand drives the future of the photonic industry and inspires a sense of wonder, using the interplay light as the language of innovation

Martijn Maas, Creative Director George&Harrison