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The next perspective

Photonics is the revolutionary technology that uses the properties of light for a wide range of applications. Within the photonics domain, there is a fast-growing market for integrated photonics, also known as Photonics Integrated Circuits (PICs). These PICs miniaturize two or more photonics functions into a single chip to create smaller, faster, and more energy-efficient devices. PhotonDelta functions as a ecosystem for the photonics industry in the Netherlands – aiming to revolutionize semiconductor technology and firmly establish the Netherlands as the global leader of this ground-braking innovation. We were asked to create a dynamic brand identity that would capture the ambition of this mission.

The design team meticulously crafted a logo reflecting the dynamic interplay of light and semiconductor components. A vibrant color palette and modern typography were chosen to convey energy and sophistication. The brand guidelines ensured adaptability to the evolving technology landscape.

The new brand identity served as a rallying point for the team and positioned Photondelta as a global player in integrated photonics. It attracted talent, investors, and collaborators, becoming a driving force behind the organization’s mission to make the Netherlands a leader in next-gen semiconductors.






  • Brand design
  • Digital design
  • Exhibition design
  • Interior graphics

Refraction of light

The logo magnifies one of the core principals within the photonics technology, refraction of light.

By securing the €1.1 billion growth fund, we are able to take significant steps to transform the Netherlands into the leader of next generation semiconductors. Our undeniably powerful brand identity provides a fantastic boost to achieve this

Jorn Smeets, CMO PhotonDelta

The new brand drives the future of the photonic industry and inspires a sense of wonder, making light the language of innovation

Martijn Maas, Creative Director George&Harrison