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Pursuing a brave new world in real estate development

As a subsidiary of JAJO, Revolve infuses new energy and inspiration in real estate development — aiming to create memorable and resilient environments with a strong human focus. With the launch of their brand, they needed a powerful voice to express their bold vision and claim position as a non-conformist new player in an often conservative industry.

Revolve brings its vision to life by actively assemble a team of exceptional partners from the start, using ‘design thinking’ as the foundation of the development process. The brand identity embraces this unique approach. Exceptional, energetic and with a sharp focus on their brave mentality, the visual appearance brings a breath of fresh air and a positive spirit. Continuously revolving brand elements, gripping statements and vibrant imagery all emphasize Revolve’s powerful message, inviting new partners to collaborate.

Rethink, Reshape, Revolve. Armed with their singular voice in the market, Revolve is able to make a profound impact in real estate development, igniting a wave of positive transformation. The brand acts as a testament to the belief that things can always change for the better, as long as you put your mind to it.


JAJO (former Janssen de Jong Group)




  • Art direction
  • Brand design
  • Brand strategy
  • Digital design
  • Editorial design
The Revolve logotype stands out for its simplicity and robustness.
The revolving ‘R’ acts as the core symbol of the brand.
ABC Favorit is a highly usable grotesque typeface that combines clear-cut geometric modernity with subtle oddities.
The colour palet combines a natural mood with a vibrant spark of life.
The brand name is the starting point of the communication concept, which is as simple as it is powerful.

By going off the beaten track, we set out to shake up real estate development and infuse it with new energy and resilience. This is exactly what the George&Harrison team understood from the start of the design process. And along the way, they continuously challenged us to uphold this mentality.

Alma Krug, Co-Founder Revolve

The ‘R’

The revolving and ever-changing ‘R’ acts as the core symbol of the brand, lending it its power and evoking a sense of new-found inspiration and optimism in an industry that suffers from one-sided focus.


The brand name is the starting point of the communication concept, which is as simple as it is powerful. It strongly emphasizes the need and ability to rethink, research and improve real estate development—coming up with better solutions for the future.

We highly appreciated the open collaboration and investment in understanding our business. By working together in such a close partnership, we brought out the best in each other—and it shows.

Tom van der Horst, Co-Founder Revolve