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This is Eindhoven

Immerse yourself in the Eindhoven Vibe

In recent years the city of Eindhoven has grown larger and more international, bolstered by new residents, hotspots, and events. The city marketing outlet, ‘This is Eindhoven’, aimed to enhance Eindhoven’s attraction through a fresh communication style that is attractive, informative, dynamic and welcoming.

We used elements of the Eindhoven visual identity — developed by the Virtual Design Agency a decade ago — to craft a playful yet bold visual identity system that positions Eindhoven as the place to be; buzzing with energy and positive vibes. Fresh colors, a versatile animation system, and bold typography were created, bringing vibrancy to all marketing channels and merchandise.

The new This is Eindhoven brand has been wholeheartedly embraced by both residents and visitors, yielding impressive results in city marketing. The new website has been awarded as Site of the Year 2021 within the Entertainment & Hospitality category and quickly garnered over 1 million unique visitors. Campaigns featuring the new brand contribute to the further development of Eindhoven, making sure residents and visitors thrive, connect, and share the vibe.






  • Art direction
  • Brand design
  • Digital design
  • Editorial design
  • Exhibition design


  • Max Kneefel
  • Nick Bookelaar
  • Additional images provided by Eindhoven365

Equipping us with visual power and recognizability, the vibrant identity plays an essential role in our city marketing strategy. In 2023 we broke the barrier of 1 million unique website visitors

Cuno Groenewoud, General Manager Eindhoven365

Brand elements

We employ robust typography, vibrant colors, and a visual language inspired by the Eindhoven brand across various channels. This creates a clear, compelling visual narrative that informs and inspires, reflecting the city’s unique vibe.

Both an honor and a challenge—we set out to boost Eindhoven’s city marketing strategy, drawing from the energy the city provides us.

Valérie van Gerven, Senior Designer George&Harrison
The "Eindhoven Temporary Guide" is packed with stories from locals and entrepreneurs, along with tips for dining, accommodations, events, nightlife, and cultural experiences.
The bespoke bookstand was designed and made by TienVier Studio